Save Your Tree Instead of Cutting it Down

Trust us for tree cabling in Wichita Falls, TX

Do you have a beautiful tree on your land that's in danger of falling? You don't have to remove it to protect your property. North Texas Tree Expert Company LLC offers tree cabling and bracing services in Wichita Falls, TX. This is a solution that will prevent trees from collapsing or become a hazard during a storm as well as prolonging your trees life.

Tree bracing and cabling involves installing cables and other equipment on your tree as a support system. We recommend having this system checked every few years to ensure everything is working correctly. Contact us today to get assistance with your trees.

When should cabling and bracing be used?

When should cabling and bracing be used?

You can count on us to use tree bracing and cabling to:

  • Make sure that a tree doesn't split
  • Hold up weak tree limbs
  • Keep nearby structures safe

Your tree will still be able to move and grow naturally. Call us today at 940-631-8968 if you have any questions about the tree cabling process.